Self-Storage Tips

Here are some useful ideas to help you better protect and organize your possessions


  • Try to use boxes that are uniformly sized for easier stacking.
  • Store light boxes at the top and heavy ones at the bottom.
  • Do not overfill boxes as they may topple when stacked or burst during the move.
  • Cover or box items to minimize dust accumulation.
  • Do not store mattresses, area rugs, or clothing in direct contact with concrete floors.
  • Treat metal objects with rust protector or wipe them with an oily rag.
  • Store old photographs between sheets of cardboard taped together to prevent curling.
  • Leave refrigerator/freezer doors open to prevent mold growth inside the appliance.
  • Use the space inside the refrigerator or freezer for additional storage.
  • Do not store flammable liquids/items in your unit.
  • Drain gasoline and oil from mowers/small engines. Follow manufacturer instructions.

Organizing Your Unit

  • Leave a space between your items and the storage unit wall for air circulation.
  • Leave an aisle to give yourself better access to your stored items.
  • Remove table legs and disassemble furniture, if possible, to conserve space.
  • Store items that you need most near the front of your unit or along an aisle.
  • Use freestanding shelf units to help you better organize your stored items.
  • Label boxes and containers clearly to identify the contents.
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